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Image of an artwork from Ruth Asawa.
Visit the FAM today for the latest twisted-wire creations from Ruth Asawa.

Visit the Fresno Art Museum (Virtually) Today for the Latest Art Exhibition from Ruth Asawa

FRESNO — Ruth Asawa’s first tied-wire sculpture was inspired by the skeleton of a desert plant with a hexagonal form that was given to Asawa by Paul and Virginia Hassel in 1962. She first tried to draw the plant but was unable to do so to her satisfaction. Instead, she constructed it first with wire which then enabled her to draw it on paper. All of Asawa’s tied-wire pieces are an outgrowth of this desert plant. The number of branches is defined by the number of points of the center star.

Ruth Asawa inspires us to try different methods if we are not satisfied with our results.

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Image by Ruth Asawa, Untitled (S.440, Wall-Mounted Tied-Wire, Open-Center, Five-Petaled Form Based on Nature) c.1975, Copper wire, 50 x 50 x 6 1/2 in. (127 x 127 x 16.51 cm).

Artwork © Estate of Ruth Asawa, Collection of the Fresno Art Museum, Gift of the Artist in honor of Robert Barrett’s 10th anniversary as FAM Executive Director.

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