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In his first museum showing, Wyatt Amend has created a dialogue between the negative space of the wall and shelving and the vessels themselves, creating a sublimely powerful visual aesthetic.

Visit the Fresno Art Museum Remotely and See the Amend Family Dynasty Continue

FRESNO — Wyatt Amend is a master ceramicist who is completing a family dynasty. Among his mother’s studio glass and his father’s over-sized drawings are Wyatt Amend’s vessels and propulsion drones.

During a recent opening reception at an artists’ talk, Wyatt expressed his love for working with clay from a young age and also his admiration for his parents and their artistry.

Although his pieces are widely collected, this is his first museum exhibition.

Wyatt Amend is only in his thirties and already demonstrates his finesse at the wheel and his command of clay and glazing compounds. Wyatt has developed new techniques to make his functional objects look like glass. His interdisciplinary process involves the use of a wheel, a lathe, as well as carving and grinding techniques typically used by woodworkers and cold glass artists.

The Fresno Art Museum will be introducing additional images from FAM exhibitions in their newsletters over the coming weeks.

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All members will be invited to attend the upcoming Zoom-based (online) members-only annual meeting on Thursday, Sep. 24.

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