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Visions of Self makes its online debut in celebration of Women’s History Month.

OAKHURST, CA. – March is Women’s History Month, and in celebration, Yosemite Sierra Artists presents an exciting, new, all-female show.

Visions of Self will portray both the internal and external landscapes of women’s lives. Some of the images will be literal self-portraits; some will be imaginative representations of emotion, environment, and aspects of women’s daily lives. The show is the first of its kind in the mountain area and all of the works were selected to inspire fresh perspectives.

The online exhibit represents nearly 200 pieces, by 117 artists, from 10 countries. This collection’s significance is even made greater due to the COVID-19 pandemic when many artists are isolated, yearning for connection, and outlets to share their work.

Visions of Self
Opens March 1, 2021, at YosemiteArts.com

The public is invited to join the opening reception
Friday, March 5, 2021, at 5:00 PM PST

Facebook Live @yosemitesierraartists

“Women artists want to be seen and heard. Looking at art through the lens of the gender of the creator matters, particularly because there has been a lot of nonsense about whether women are ‘able’ to make good art,” explained Wendy Denton, Vice President of Yosemite Sierra Artists. “This isn’t a little problem. The National Museum of Women in the Arts reports that over half of Master’s in Fine Arts degrees are earned by women, though fewer than a quarter of women have shown in important galleries.”

“By legitimizing the female perspective, Visions of Self gives further reverence to the important and significant work of women artists,” Denton continued. “The pieces are worthy of serious attention, and it is thrilling to see a local art collaborative, like our Yosemite Sierra Artists, presenting an international show.”

Visions of Self is the first juried show of the Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision group of Yosemite Sierra Artists. The show will be available to view online through March 31 and is free to all.

“Art and artists thrive in the Yosemite region and Madera County,” voiced Steve Montalto, Creative Director at Visit Yosemite | Madera County. “It’s been said that per capita, the Sierra foothills are home to the largest group of professional artists in the state.”

“If you are moved by the artwork you discover during the virtual presentation of Visions of Self, then discover more in person. Yosemite Sierra Artists display pieces year-round at the Yosemite Gateway Art Center in Oakhurst, CA,” Montalto elaborated. “And happily, this year, patrons can also access numerous works from Yosemite Sierra Artists during the month-long Sierra Art Trails event in October, or as we refer to it in this region, ARTober. So mark your calendar, and we’ll see you there.”

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