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Image of wildflowers on the Hite Cove Trail.
This year's wildflower bloom in the Merced River Canyon west of Yosemite is spectacular!

Virtual Yosemite: Wildflowers on the Hite Cove Trail

Spring has come to the Sierra, bringing with it a spectacular wildflower season this year.

One of the best places to view this is along the Hite Cove Trail, roughly 10 miles to the west of Yosemite’s border, along the Merced River Canyon and Highway 140.

See the 360° VR experience here.

Image of California poppies.

California poppies. Image by Annette Meyer.

Currently, millions of brilliant orange California poppies blanket the hillsides of these canyons, along with a variety of other less abundant blooms. Unique to this year’s poppy display is its coinciding with the brilliant purple blooms of redbud bushes generally found closer to the river.

The Hite Cove Trail recently reopened to the public, after an almost three-year closure following the 2018 Ferguson Fire.

Before going, understand that the trail is fairly narrow, and traverses very steep slopes above the south fork of the Merced River. Parking along the shoulder of Highway 140 is also at a premium.

There is a lot of poison oak in the area. Temperatures can vary widely, and winds can be strong. Carry plenty of water. Finally, stay alert for rattlesnakes along the trail. Give them a wide berth if you encounter any, but remember that they are an important species in the ecosystem and should not be harmed.

©2021 Photography by Scott Highton

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Image of redbud blossoms.

Redbud blossoms. Image by Mike Goad.

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