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Vineyards In Autumn

Shooting vineyards in the late afternoon makes them much more colorful than at other times of day, especially if translucent from being backlit by the setting sun. These are all vineyards within a few miles from our house. Most of the vines have faded away yellowish brown, but some, like these, are from grape varietals (cabernet sauvignon?) whose leaves turn red.

Vineyards 2

Petite syrah grapes:

Vineyards 3

Vineyard seen from a hill:

Vineyards 4

Vineyards 5

Vineyards 6

This is what those red leaves look like with the sun behind me, much less vivid than when backlit:

Vineyards 7

Vineyards 8

Vineyards 9

These zopilotes (turkey vultures, from the Aztec zopilotl) must have sniffed something out in the vineyard:

Vineyards 10

Vineyards 11

Not a bad place to live, near all this:

Vineyards 12

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  1. Reminds me of Ukiah, CA and the many wineries in and around the area. So beautiful.

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