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View From Newly Opened Tioga Road

Tioga Road Opens!!
May 2 is a pretty early date for Tioga Road to open, so you know what Sally and I did. On opening day, we took a drive and hike across the higher country to see what the snow conditions were and I thought you might like to see what we saw. (click photos to enlarge)

We got a glimpse of what the conditions were as we rounded the curve at Olmsted Point. Tenaya Lake is in our sights!Olmstead Point 1

Beautiful Tenaya Lake had a smidge of ice still on it.

Tenaya Lake 2

Tenaya Lake 3

Tioga Lake 4

As we gained elevation, Tioga Lake still had ice on it. Gorgeous!

Sally and I took a walk up Saddlebag Road, still closed but plowed up to this lookout point, a little over 10,000′ elevation.

Tioga Pass with Sally 5

We walked another ¾ mile of so through about 2 feet of snow to check out the conditions of Saddlebag Lake. Still iced over but with some melting along the edges.

Saddleback Lake 6

Saddleback Lake 7

Saddleback Lake 8

Walking back down Saddlebag Road, we had an amazing view of Mt. Dana but it will be a while before I make it to the top this year!

Mt Dana 9

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