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Valley of the Moon- Funeraria

Hi all, greetings from the Valley of the Moon. Lots of good hiking and hiking companions here, but so far nothing worthy of photographing. Today we hike from Forestville to the tiny town of Graton (rhymes with satan), and had a lunch stop in the patio of a shop with a sign saying “Funeraria.” They make funeral urns and get orders from around the world. The owner was very friendly and invited us to inspect them. So if you ever want a distinct urn for yourself or a loved one, even a pet, check them out. You could pay up to $20,000, though.

You may want to house your ashes in a Gumball machine urn:
Or perhaps a hot water bottle urn?
Funeraria 2
This sculptural urn sells for $16,000, but you don’t want to be called cheap do you?
Funeraria 3
For monsieur:
Funeraria 4
For madame:
Funeraria 5
For a spins-ter?
Funeraria 6
The Dia de los Muertos lady will hold your ashes in her bucket. Or the rat to her right might appeal to you.
Funeraria 7
Funeraria 8
An attractive fish with chicken legs, perhaps?
Funeraria 9

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