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USFS Fire Staffing Levels Cut For Winter

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST – The Sierra National Forest Fire Management Officer announced earlier in the week that fire suppression resources would be transitioning from full fire season staffing to winter staffing levels.

“With a change in the weather due to rain to date, cooler temperatures, and shorter days, the potential for large fires has been reduced on the forest,” said Fire Management Specialist Denise Tolmie.

A change in staffing levels does not mean there will be no fire suppression resources to respond to fires nor that there is not a potential for fires to occur.

“Transition in staffing levels means that not all resources will be staffed at the levels they are during the peak of fire season,” says Tolmie. “We will continue to have engines, crews and equipment available for emergency response.”

Although the forest has received some rain and snow, a reminder that this was a very busy fire season with drought effects still evident.

“A continued vigilance is needed by everyone to ensure fires are kept under control and do not escape,” says Tolmie.

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