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Update On The Aspen Fire – August 6

HUNTINGTON LAKE – Crews on the Aspen Fire continued mopping up 100 to 200 feet along the perimeter today, and worked on repairing, restoring and rehabilitating the firelines within the fire’s perimeter where it was safe to do so.

Suppression repair will continue tonight on the northern side of the fire, along with firing operations along the San Joaquin River.

Fire officials say that firing operations were successful today, and will continue through the night and over the next few days. Burning is very difficult due to very steep terrain.

Fire continued to be active throughout the south and east sides.

So far nearly 500 personnel have been demobilized, leaving 1,523 assigned to the incident. Midge Creek and Badger Flat Campgrounds are now open to the public. Rancheria remains closed to accomodate firefighters.

Acres Burned: 21,386

Structures Threatened or Damaged: 0

Containment: 75%

Injuries: 3

Cost to date: $25 million

Wind Conditions 5-10 mph SW
Temperature 78 degrees
Humidity 15-25%

Road and Trail Closures


Stump Springs Road is closed to all traffic due to fire suppression activity. Minarets Road (4S81) from Fish Creek to Jackass Rock Organization Campground, Grizzly at Beasore Road to Minarets Road are closed to the public. Residents within the road closure are allowed into the area with valid identification.


Per the U.S. Forest Service Closure Order Number 15-13-09, all trails within the Kaiser Wilderness are closed.

Campground closures within the Sierra National Forest are as follows:

Sample Meadow

West Kaiser

Jackass Rock Organization

Lower Chiquito

Little Jackass

Soda Springs


Sweet Water

China Bar

Rock Creek

Mammoth Pool

Wagners Mammoth Pool Resort

Fish Creek

The following campgrounds are closed to house firefighters for suppression efforts:


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