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Update on Sally

Sally is doing amazing after her encounter with a mountain lion that left her with many stitches and staples, including a drain in her head. She was a very lucky dog and she was also very lucky to have had wonderful care at Fresno Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center.

If you haven’t read about this encounter, the link to that blog is here.

Today she had her sutures removed and she is a very happy dog to have those out. Other than a few battle scars, you sure couldn’t tell anything had happened to her.

Sally is on the mend after mountain lion attack - photo by Candace Gregory


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  1. Giana Gigi Cardoza

    Very Happy to see Sally is no worse for the wear..

    Thanks for the update. I actually was in the area on the day of the attack so I was quite interested in your story. Glad it turned out the way it did.

    Love following your hikes! Thanks!

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