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Update On Missing Hiker Found Deceased

YOSEMITE – Yosemite National Park officials issued a statement this morning updating information on the death of James Michael Millet, Jr., whose body was found on Tuesday, Sept. 1, two days after discovering a car had been left at a popular trailhead parking lot for an extended period of time.

James Michael Millet, Jr.Late in the evening on Sunday, Aug. 30, according to officials, park rangers noticed the car and began investigating to determine if the vehicle belonged to someone on an extended backpacking trip, or if the car was abandoned. After ruling out both those possibilities, an aerial search for Millet began on the morning of Monday, Aug. 31.

Authorities initially searched a large area of rugged terrain leading toward Yosemite Falls, a destination indicated by a note left in the car.

Additional information narrowed the search area on the second day, which made it possible for rangers to locate the body of James Millet, Jr. The body was airlifted by helicopter from the North Dome area.

Millet, an experienced traveler, was currently living in the Bay Area. An investigation into his death is ongoing.


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  1. That’s sad. I wish Yosemite would give out safety guides at the entrance, along with the maps. One huge tip: don’t hike alone!

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