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Update On HJTA Lawsuit Against Rural Fire Fee

CALIFORNIA – In October 2012, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) filed a lawsuit against several California agencies, arguing that what has become known as the “Rural Fire Fee,” was an illegal violation of Prop. 13.

Assembly Bill 29×1 required over 800,000 property owners in State Responsibility Areas to pay $150 per habitable structure for what was called a “fire prevention fee.”

“Now, the Courts have cleared our lawsuit to be served on the defendants,” says HJTA in an email to subscribers.

The HJTA is reporting that earlier this week, they performed in-person service of their lawsuit on Cal Fire, the state Board of Equalization and the Department of Justice.

“Completion of service marks critical forward progress in our fight to have the fire tax declared illegal in court, and refunds issued to rural residents burdened with this costly tax increase,” says the HJTA.

“However, the length of time between filing the suit and getting the green light to serve the suit on defendants illustrates how slow lawsuits move in California’s backed-up judicial system. We are excited to see forward movement, but we also urge taxpayers to be prepared for a long legal process.”


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