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Update On Conditions In Mariposa County After Storm

MARIPOSA – Mariposa County Sheriff Doug Binnewies has issued the following information for storm-impacted communities across the county.

We have resources in, and responding to impacted areas and communities. Prioritizing life safety, then ingress and egress to your homes.

Also we are utilizing aircraft so please don’t be alarmed of low flying helicopters, etc.

We have stationed Sheriff’s Office staff inside many affected areas and staffed all of our North County Sub Stations.

Sheriff’s Station 1: 10549 Fiske Road, Greeley Hill Phone 209-878-0702

Sheriff’s Station 2: 9729 Merced Falls Road, Don Pedro Phone 209-852-2532

Several communities are without phone service. We have our Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and email accounts monitored 24/7, if you need assistance please feel free to Facebook message, Facebook comment or email sheriff@mariposacounty.org

Please continue to check road conditions. Crews are out in the area assessing road and bridge damage. We will update our County Website as we get updated information.


Overall several communities have been impacted. We continue to ask for your patience. This is where Mariposa County shines, neighbor helping neighbor.

Mariposa County Strong!

Current road conditions due to flooding:

  • Highway 140-Open
  • Highway 49 Bagby-Closed
  • Leonard Crossing-Closed
  • Silva Road Crossing (on the dirt portion of Silva Rd)
  • Tip Top & Triangle-Flooded
  • Jerseydale Rd at Triangle Rd-Closed
  • Smith Road & Hwy 140-Flooded
  • Sherlock Road-Flooded
  • Indian Peak Rd / Hirsch Rd Bridge-Closed
  • Hornitos Rd at McSwain Lake Bridge-Closed
  • Hornitos Rd closed between Conifer Creek Bridge near Old Toll to Bear Creek Bridge near Bear Creek Rd
  • Hunters Valley Rd 1 mile from Bear Valley Rd-Flooded
  • Sherlock Rd-Flooded
  • Old Toll Rd-Flooded/Impassable
  • Mt. Bullion Cutoff-Closed
  • 8th Street-Closed
  • Old Hwy East of Schoolhouse Road-Shoulder damage

North County Road Conditions

  • Highway 49N-Multiple Roads Closed
  • Highway 49/Hwy 120-Closed
  • Priest Coulterville-Washed out at Jackass Creek
  • Laredo Rd-Flooded
  • Granite Springs and Penon Blanco-Closed
  • Granite Springs to Narcisco Way-Open
  • Hwy 132 Piney Creek-Closed
  • Ranchito at Golfito-Flooded
  • Chapulin Rd-Closed
  • La Grange Subdivison-Flooded

Snow Conditions:

Yosemite West R2

Common Road Condition Definitions:

R1: Chains are required – snow tread tires allowed.
R2: Chains are required on all vehicles except four wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on all four wheels.
R3: Chains are required – all vehicles – no exceptions.

R1 and R2 are the most common conditions.

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