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Update Mariposa Sheriff’s Office – Gerrish / Chung Investigation

Mariposa – The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the death of the Gerrish / Chung family. Detectives are working closely with toxicologist, environmental specialist, the FBI and other specialists.

“We respect and understand the need for information and details regarding this case. Our current priorities remain supporting and informing the Gerrish / Chung family during this tragic time. As we navigate through this investigation with the family, we will later share our findings with the public. “- Sheriff Jeremy Briese

Details we can update at this time:

General Information-

As of the date of this update the cause of death remains undetermined. Detectives continue conducting interviews and investigating all potential possible explanations for the death of the Gerrish / Chung family.  Many toxicology reports have been completed; however, we are still pending a few key results. We have no timeline for those pending results.

Causes of Death Ruled Out: The following have been ruled out based on evidence recovered or through investigation. ALL other potential causes of death remain.

Gun or any other type of weapon

Lightning Strike

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide

Cyanide Exposure

Illegal Drugs / Alcohol


No other information is available at this time.

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