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Malory Patchell works on her project for Minarets art class fundraiser and installation

Universal Reversal: Minarets’ Interactive Installation

Submitted by Willow Sanchez and Natasha Lucas — 

OAKHURST — Students at Minarets High School invite the community to an afternoon that combines wine tasting for adults with the opportunity to experience a world of art — a galaxy, even — from a youthful perspective.

The Art & Wine event will take place at the Idle Hour Winery on Saturday, Mar. 25, from 1 – 4 p.m. Students from Minarets high school will be selling pieces of art they’ve done throughout the year. Food and beverage tickets will be sold at the door.

Jill Gamble is the art teacher and the coordinator of the event.

“It is a student Senior Legacy Experience project,” explains the instructor. “The students are Maddy Franklyn and Lluvia Moreno. I will be the main adult supervising the event, however it is at the winery so their will be winery staff in attendance as well. There is wine tasting, but their will also be under-21 drinks and appetizers for a small price. it is a fundraiser for the Minarets art department.”

Wine tasting is $8, wine and appetizers $10, soda and apps $6.

In 2016, our show theme was based on the board game Candyland. Unlike our previous art shows, this year’s installation doesn’t have a general theme, but it’s based on the galaxy. “Universal Reversal: Interactive Installation” will have what appears to resemble nature on the outside and, as you go deeper into it, it is galactical. It best suits the students, so they can showcase their personal artistic style.

Willow Sanchez and Natasha Lucas are students at Minarets


Maddy Franklyn and Amalia Mendoza




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