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Minarets students rehearsing for The Little Mermaid.
Minarets students rehearsing for The Little Mermaid.

Under The Scenes: Minarets Drama Takes on The Little Mermaid at Hillside Elementary

By Colby Jobinger

MINARETS — Grab your Dinglehoppers, thing-a-mabobs, and snarfblatts, because it’s time for the winter musical at Minarets. The Minarets drama program has proudly announced that they will be performing Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Dec. 5, 6, and 7, at Hillside Elementary.

After a very extensive audition and callback process full of cold reads (acting out scenes with very limited practice) and vocal displays, the cast was selected. Seniors Emma Lynch and Maddie Wristen are two of the actresses selected to be lead roles; Emma as Sebastian The Crab and Maddie as Ariel.

Both said that they were “very excited to be selected for their roles”. Maddie stated in an interview that her role is a “very scary one to take on” because of the fact that so many young children love her character. Even with the pressure of such a big role, Maddie said, “it’ll be fun and hopefully it will turn out great.” Emma Lynch, who will be playing Sebastian, described, “I’m really excited to sing more of the big numbers that everyone knows and loves, because in the past I haven’t really gotten the chance to do the big ensemble numbers, but in this one I do.”

Other main character selections include senior Mikey King as Prince Eric, sophomore Zane Pearce as King Triton, sophomore Aubrey Ham as Flounder, seniors Rebecca Townsend and Lindsay Martin as Flotsam and Jetsam, senior Colby Jobinger as Grimsby, sophomore Analiese Torres as Scuttle, junior Johanna Ziegler as Ursula, and junior Molly Smith, senior Kate Hough, sophomores Jazmyn Evans, Hazel Taintor, Elsa Crotty, and Jolene Anderson as the mersisters.

The ensemble that has been selected includes senior Cheyenne Upton, juniors Cara Combs, Hana Unruh, sophomores Brandon Guy, Isabella Romero, Kayla Velazquez, Elise Stover, freshman Kaydence Holmes, and Spring Valley eighth grader Nathan Crotty.

Practice has been going well, with choreography, singing, and read-throughs going on for the past week. There are a lot of very talented performers in this year’s show, so be sure to save the date for Disney’s The Little Mermaid this December.


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