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U-Haul Truck Owner Says Witness Got It Wrong

MADERA COUNTY – After a notice went out from the Sheriff’s Office yesterday concerning a U-Haul type truck possibly scoping out neighborhoods to steal UPS packages left on people’s doorsteps, Oakhurst resident Ron Fisherman was shocked to receive a message from a friend telling him that his truck was being considered the suspect vehicle.

“I was on Little Lake Road at that time, delivering a 3-piece bookshelf,” says Fisherman.

He says that he and another gentleman were searching for the correct delivery address, and when they located what they thought was the right house, they realized they couldn’t get the truck into the driveway. After attempting to contact someone at the home, they found that the house they were looking for was a few doors down.

In the meantime, someone apparently reported what they considered to be suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office.

“I’m the only one I know of who has a truck like that, and I make deliveries around the area all the time,” says Fisherman, who frequents estate sales and auctions and will often make a local delivery in his erstwhile U-Haul truck. He purchased it from Carquest in Oakhurst when they still ran a U-Haul fleet.

The cab of the 14-foot truck is orange and white, and the box is all white, but there are no insignia on the vehicle.

Fisherman says he got a message when a friend heard about the story, but it grew into something much bigger when he saw it on the KMPH 10 O’Clock News last night. Now he wants to clear up this issue of him “canvassing neighborhoods” looking to make off with people’s packages, and says he has contacted the Sheriff’s Office to straighten things out.

So for anyone wanting to see what he does haul around in that big truck, they can stop by his big monthly sale, the first weekend of every month, on Oakview Drive in the Goldside area just off Highway 49 west of Oakhurst. You can also visit his Facebook page to search for treasures.

(Photo above is not of Fisherman’s truck, but one similar and a bit larger)

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