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TruLocal: Empowering Local Businesses

NORTH FORK — Sierra News Online has an exciting new update. Today we are announcing the launch of a new platform called TruLocal. You can find access to the platform by clicking the “Shop Local” button on the right side of the menu bar on our website’s home page.


If you are wondering what TruLocal is and how it came to be, please read the letter from our Editor below:

TruLocal is an online platform designed to help local businesses in our community reach their customers located both near and far. Created in partnership with Adwit Global, our new platform consists primarily of a variety of single landing page websites known as “microsites,” which are housed under the host website’s domain, in this case being the website you’re already familiar with, Sierra News Online. 

The purpose of this platform is to help local businesses and business owners succeed in an increasingly necessary and competitive digital marketplace while avoiding the significant short and long-term costs associated with a traditional website design. Additionally, listings on the platform are only available to hyper-local businesses, meaning, unlike other platforms, you won’t find yourself in direct competition with large national brands as they are prevented from registering as local businesses from our community. 

The goal of this platform is to increase new and returning traffic to each business’s individual website listing, creating a unique opportunity and direct channel for new customers to learn more about your business and acquire your services.

Both the purpose and the goal of this platform are accomplished by using the pre-existing domain authority and SEO (search engine optimization) of Sierra News Online’s flagship website, found at www.sierranewsonline.com. By “piggybacking” on the asset of Sierra News Online’s already well-established website, each individual site on TruLocal gains an immediate and substantial boost to its related search engine result ranking. Meaning if someone searches in Google (or any other search engine) for a service or business that is listed on the TruLocal platform, they will be significantly more likely to find it because of that business’s newfound association with a website Google (and other search engines) already know to trust – that website being Sierra News Online. 

Sierra News Online is proud to offer this new product to the community it serves, and we are confident that every business will benefit from an investment in a digital presence that goes beyond simply having a social media profile. 

To find out more, click the link HERE and find the “register” button on the top right hand of the TruLocal platform’s home page. Fill out your information, and a Sierra News Online representative will reach out to you in short order. Or simply call Forrest Barcus at (559) 286-9001 for more information on how to get registered today.

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