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Tricia Nickerson: Incredible Creatures

TRICIA Tricia Nickerson (photographer) camo owl

Photographer Tricia Nickerson

Tricia Nickerson
Sierra Art Trails 2015 Catalog #51

I have been a lover of nature for as long as I can remember. When we moved to the mountain area, below Yosemite National Park with my family many years ago, I immediately felt right at home. I truly did not begin to appreciate the beauty and wonder of my surroundings until I started hiking with friends. I began carrying a small “point and shoot” camera with me as I hiked. The flowers and wildlife along the way drew my attention and I was hooked!

TRICIA Tricia Nickerson (1) blue birdAbout three years ago, I retired and wanted to get more involved with photography. My husband bought me a Nikon 5100 camera and my life changed. One day I was in my yard watching the hummingbirds flit from flower to flower. The challenge was on! As I learned more about my camera, I also learned how amazing these little birds are! The more time I spent behind the lens, the more they captured my heart.

Many species of birds, as well as other creatures, have now also grabbed my attention, but the little hummingbirds are still my favorite of God’s creations.

TRICIA Tricia Nickerson (2) camo owlAbout two years ago, my husband encouraged me to start showing my work at art fairs. With the help of a very dear friend, I got started. Putting myself out there for the first time was very difficult for me as I didn’t know how I would be accepted. I was truly encouraged! Many of the people that came to my booth shared some amazing stories of how their lives were touched by these incredible creatures. So I continue to do these art fairs with my biggest supporter and cheerleader by my side, my husband!

I continue to be challenged — in a good way — but I am so blessed to be able to do something I truly love.

TRICIA Tricia Nickerson (4) camo owlTRICIA Tricia Nickerson (3) camo owl


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