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Travis Takes Off

Submitted by YHS student Xiao “Travis” Ma

OAKHURST – It is always hard to realize how fast time goes by. There are less than two months left before I finish the life here. I experienced so many things during this year. I could not even imagine how would I live in another country and speak another language for a whole year, but I did it, and I like it.

Yosemite High School was hard and different for me at first. I was really struggling in Biology and English at the beginning of the semester. Fortunately, I am much better at these two subjects now.

Honestly, the night when I first arrived here I was a little bit disappointed because of the first view of this small town. I am happy to find out I was wrong. Oakhurst is a small town; that’s true, but I like the free lifestyle here and almost all the people are kind and friendly.

The worst thing about being a foreign exchange student is that I only can stay in this school for a year. I hate that I have to leave just when I am getting along with the new environment and friends, but I have no choice. I will miss all of my friends here, and I will miss Jeanne Ratchford who is my host family. Thanks to her for taking care of me and patiently teaching me the things I did not know in America.

I enjoy the experience of living with a native of the United States, so I did make a decision and apply to a private high school named Thornton Academy, located in Maine. They have accepted me and they are looking for a host family for me now. I know it will be another totally different experience from here and I am looking forward to it.

Anyway, I am glad I made the bright decision to stay here. Last week was Spring Break, which is the last break before I leave here. I have done lots of trips since I came here, either with classmates or my host family. I went to Disneyland, San Francisco, Monterey and more. It was really enjoyable and interesting.

I already have booked the flight to home. It is on June 8th, which is the day after this semester ends. I don’t want to leave here but I am also excited about going home and going to the school next year. It will be fun!

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