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Bruce, a retired firefighter; Pastor Allison Byerley; Duane, President of Bless You Inc.; Ward, Volunteer with Bless You Inc. - photo courtesy Mariposa Sheriff

Trailers Delivered To Families Who Lost Homes In Detwiler Fire

MARIPOSA — On Wednesday night, Duane Drost, president of Bless You, Inc. out of Milford Iowa and his crew rolled into Mariposa with travel trailers in tow.

Bruce – a retired firefighter who lives just north of Los Angeles – was watching the news when he saw the details of the Detwiler Fire. He immediately reached out to the local Mariposa United Methodist Church and offered the services of Bless You Inc.

A few emails back and forth with Pastor Allison Byerley and a couple of phone calls later, Bless You, Inc. was on the road to Mariposa.

In the wake of a natural disaster, Bless You, Inc. swings into gear. They purchase travel trailers and stock them with bedding, toiletries, food, water and other necessities. Volunteers drive them to the disaster-stricken areas, and work with local churches and civic organizations to identify individuals and families left homeless by the disaster.

Bless You, Inc. provides people with stocked campers as transitional housing while they rebuild their homes and lives. Families can remain in the trailers for up to a year (or more, depending on the situation).

Local churches and civic organizations help keep the trailers stocked with supplies during their stay in the area.

Mariposa County families have already begun relocating into the trailers. Currently four trailers have been placed in Mariposa County.

If you are in need of housing due to the Detwiler Fire, please contact Amy Woodward at 209-966-2000.

For more information on how you can donate your travel trailer to this cause or learn more about Bless You, Inc, please visit their website at www.blessyouinc.com or you can call them at 712-260-0414.

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