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Trail Work Complete Near Hite’s Cove

SIERRA NATIONAL FOREST – On November 22 and 23, a group of volunteers with the Upper Merced Watershed Council and the Sierra National Forest Trailshots crew worked together to improve trail conditions on the South Fork Merced Trail in the Hite’s Cove area.

Under the supervision of Trailshots Trail Leader, Andrew Fish, the group cleared brush and used rock bars to lift and move heavy rocks clearing the trail for visitors during this weekend project.

This project was funded through a grant from the Upper Merced Watershed Council.

Will Fassett, Board member and Treasurer of the Upper Merced Watershed Council, says, “I hope that we can partner with the Forest Service for future projects and trail work. The Watershed Council is committed to helping preserve, protect, and maintain the South Fork Trail.”

The Upper Merced River Watershed Council is a nonprofit organization that “brings partners together for planning, education that promotes stewardship and collaborative assessment and restoration projects”. The mission of the Council is “to work with stakeholders, individuals and organizations to protect and enhance the natural, economic, and cultural resources of the Watershed through education, community-based projects, responsible planning, and stewardship.”

The Sierra National Forest would like to thank the crews and Upper Merced Watershed Council for their hard work maintaining the South Fork Trail and looks forward to partnering with the Upper Merced Watershed Council on future projects.

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