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Torta & Agua Fresca at Dulce Sabor

It was still too smoky to hike, the USFS had closed the forests, and the latest blow to me getting a hike in was when Yosemite National Park closed, cutting off my Tioga Road access. But it was not too smoky to eat a Chicken Torta and have a refreshing Strawberry Agua Fresca at Dulce Sabor. I arrived for my adventure when they opened and there was already a short line ahead of me.

I knew what I was going to order. I have been working my way through their menu and previously had the Carne Asada Torta which was very good. I hadn’t tried the Chicken Torta yet and today was the day! They have quite a variety of Aguas Frescas and a strawberry one just sounded right today to “pair” with my Chicken Torta.

Photo Courtesy Dulce Sabor








You may not have visited this wonderful newer restaurant located in the shopping center across from the Oakhurst Fruit Stand and catty-corner from the new Holiday Inn Express. Emma Ibarra and her husband Porfino Chavez opened it up in December. They wanted it to be different from her brother’s restaurant Plazuelas and other local Mexican restaurants. They envisioned a variety of items such as Mexican sweets, snacks and street food.


It is hard to explain, but it reminds me of when I walked through the Guadalajaro Mercado past vendors that have everything under the sun, even birds. Here is a picture of mom on a visit to that same Mercado that I am remembering. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the food but here are some birds instead.

That Mercado also had frescas, fresh fruit treats, churros, and tortas warming on the grill.

Dulce Sabor has a large selection of items including Mexican Antojitos, Tortas, Aguas Frescas, Fruit Salads, Smoothies, Milkshakes, Bionicos, Duros, Tostilocos, Elote Preparado, Sincronizadas and many more. That is what usually makes it such a difficult choice to land on what to order. But this time I planned ahead and knew.








As I waited for my food, I wandered around the colorful waiting area, admiring the artwork done by one of the employee’s sister. Mexican drawings and sayings are on all of the walls.

Although I have not been lucky to try these, they also make some beautiful cakes that you can preorder.

Photo Courtesy Dulce Sabor

I took my lunch home to eat but wanted to let you know that they have outdoor dining set up.

I devoured half of my Agua Fresca on the way home but sat down to enjoy my Chicken Torta loaded with avocado and some jalapeños to give it a little zip. The sandwich could be split by two people but I was up for the challenge and ate the whole thing.

Each time I leave this wonderful place, I can’t help but daydream about what I will order next time. The leading contender is a Mangoneada, mango sorbet and mango chunks topped with tajin, chamoy lime, tamarind candies with a tamarind straw. Take a look at their Facebook Page and you can do some daydreaming yourself about what you may need to order.

Photo Courtesy Dulce Sabor

Dulce Sabor is located at 40879 Hwy 41 Suite 1D Oakhurst, telephone (559) 658-2356 and check out Dulce Sabor Facebook Page.

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