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Tom Burdette has been appointed to the Madera County Planning Commission.

Tom Burdette Chosen North Fork Citizen Of The Year

NORTH FORK — The community of North Fork once again gathered at the Town Hall to choose one of their own for the honor of “Citizen of the Year.”

Tom Burdette was voted most deserving from a list of 12 nominees – all of whom have made important contributions to the community over the past year.

Tom was nominated by several North Fork residents who touted his tireless efforts in a host of projects and organizations.

“Tom dedicates a huge amount of time to the EMC SPCA, the North Fork Community Development Council, the North Fork History Group, the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, and the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway. He is also instrumental in coordinating with the Forest Service and Cal Fire at the Old Mill Site when it is used as a Command Post during wildfires, and somehow finds time to umpire at sporting events.”

Tom was quite humble in his acceptance of the honor.

“I feel a bit undeserving of this,” he said. “I volunteer because I have the time, and because I really love doing it. And I love being part of the North Fork community.”

Dinner for the event was served up by last year’s winners, Al & Robyn Flory, with lots of help from their kitchen crew – Sue Novell, Merry Gale Baiz, and Josh and Brenda Flory. Dinner music was provided by David Novell.

The winner is chosen by a panel comprised of past winners. This year’s nominees were:

Sarah McIntyre
Claudia Box
Jennifer McMillan
Gina Clugston
Roz Thrapp
Dan Rosenberg
Dave Jones
Mike Garcia
Joshua Kaden
Frank Wilson
David Thompson

(Photo: Gina Clugston, Mike Garcia, Tom Burdette, Roz Thrapp, Frank Wilson, David Thompson, Sarah McIntyre, Dave Jones, Claudia Box, Dan Rosenberg – photo credit Michael Olwyler)

Past winners of Citizen of the Year:

1979 Marilyn Coelho
1980 Grant Sturm
1981 Paul Barnes
1982 Jim Zizzo
1983 Bob Quick
1984 Tom Wheeler
1985 Betty Lyons
1986 Blaine Shultz
1987 Tom Hebrard
1988 Charles Coelho
1989 Tal Carter
1990 Jim and Dot Morris
1991 Elaine C. Fink
1992 Beverly Cole
1993 Paul Vining
1994 Tom Digilio
1995 Charles Harrington
1996 Lloree Knowles
1997 Mary Myers
1998 Frank Verduzco
1999 Mark and Cindy Swarts
2000 Chris Stanley
2001 Cathey Thornburg
2002 Loretta McKee
2003 Tammy Armstrong
2004 Kirk and Alice Koda
2005 Volney Dunavan
2006 Bill and Gretchen Choate
2007 Augie and Cindy Capuchino
2008 Viola Carr
2009 Dave Smith
2010 Joan Constable (aka Connie Carpenter)
2011 Vincent and Ginny Smith
2012 Hansel Kern
2013 Mark Logee
2014 Janet Wheeler
2015 Linda Gott-Maddox
2016 Al and Robyn Flory

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