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Ingrid Angellini and Sheri Mace presenting Adrianne O'Brien with Volunteer of the Year award

Thousands Of Hours: Mariposa Master Gardeners Awards

Jim Johnson receiving 3,000 total volunteer hours award from MG President Ingrid Angellini

MARIPOSA — The Mariposa County Master Gardeners recently held their annual Awards Banquet to recognize significant community contributions from various Master Gardeners.

Prior to awarding the deserving recipients, Mariposa Master Gardeners President Ingrid Angelini held a general meeting for in-house business and discussed future community-purposed events.

Heads up, these free and open to the public upcoming events include:

● 1/19/19 Fruit Tree Pruning Public Workshop
● 2/16/19 Vegetable Gardening Public Workshop, Greeley Hill
● 3/16/19 Adopt a Garden Plot Potluck at Creek
● 4/11/19 Creek Parkway Expansion Promotion Event
● 4/13/19 Soil as a Living System Public Workshop
● 4/27/19 Spring Plant and Garden Art Sale
● 5/4/19 Heritage Rose Tour, Coulterville
● 5/11/19 Garden Tour, North County

Mariposa Master Gardener Program Coordinator Sheri Mace then presented the 2018 awards. These awards and recipients were,

● Reaching 100 total volunteer hours — Margaret Martinson, Brian Moore, Theresa
● Reaching 250 total volunteer hours — Sheri Mace, Diane Timmins, Françoise
● Reaching 3,000 total volunteer hours — Rusty Avery, Betty Massey, Jim Johnson
● Most volunteer hours in just 2018 — Lynette Jackson
● Honorary Master Gardener — Marty Allen
● Behind the Scenes — Pat Ahner, Melinda Barrett, Margaret Martinson
● Special Recognition — Sherry Gorham
● Volunteer of the Year — Adrianne O’Brien

Sheri Mace presenting Betty Massey with 3,000 total volunteer hours

Then, as is a hallmark of Master Gardener in-house functions, Sheri adjournedthe business and awards part of the program and directed attendees to the food table for pizza and potluck salads and desserts. Yumm!

Please be aware that the University of California Master Gardeners program exists “to extend research-based knowledge and information on home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape practices to the residents of California and be guided by our core values and strategic initiatives,” according to the UC Master Gardener Program Mission Statement.

The Mariposa County Master Gardener program is your community-service organization established to carry out the mission of the state organization. In accomplishing this goal, to date the UC Master Gardeners of Mariposa have contributed over 60,548 volunteer hours to our community!

For further gardening information and event announcements, please refer to the Mariposa Master Gardener website  and Facebook page.

Ingrid Angellini and Sheri Mace acknowledging Sherry Gorham for special recognition

Ingrid Angellini, Pat Ahner (Behind the Scenes award), and Sheri Mace

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