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This Is Easy: Getting To Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove

YOSEMITE — With many people road-tripping to make the most out of the July 4th break and summer vacation, one option has emerged as the most popular and hassle-free way to visit some of the largest trees on earth.

Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park recently reopened following three years of restoration. Amtrak San Joaquin train and Yosemite Area Regional Transit System (YARTS) bus take visitors from southern California destinations directly to the park and the big trees. Once in Yosemite Valley, ride the free shuttle bus to iconic locations. As an alternative, take a guided bus tour bus or transportation via jeep or SUV.

Here are some reasons to take public transportation or private tour and why it’s a simply unbeatable option.

  • It is an efficient way to get around to the destinations on your bucket list. If you only have one or two days to see Yosemite National Park, leave the hassle of driving to someone else. Avoid the possibility of traffic and looking for a parking space.
  • When you are in an unfamiliar environment, you focus on the road, traffic signals or maps, and it can be very stressful. Let professional drivers take the stress away for you, so you can fully appreciate the awesomeness before you.
  • When you go on vacation, a lot of planning occurs each day. When you take public transportation or a tour, this is all done for you, freeing your time up to create memories.
  • There’s always so much you want to see on a trip, a lot of walking to be done, but taking public transportation or tour delivers you directly to important sites, cutting out some of the tiring stuff.
  • If you take public transportation or a tour, you are likely to have other tourists aboard. This makes for interesting conversation to learn about new cultures, explore the world together, or share places to eat and drink.
  • Guided tour drivers know Yosemite National Park like the backs of their hands. They can take you on an unforgettable journey, providing you with history, current information and fun facts. Tour guides are great with people and entertaining too.
  • When family and friends visit, why not take them on YARTS bus or a tour? That way you can enjoy time with them and take the stress out of driving too!
  • Public transportation or tours are perfect for both solo travelers or larger groups.

“Visiting Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park to see the biggest trees on earth should be on everyone’s bucket list,” says Visit Yosemite Madera County’s Therese Williams. “Amtrak San Joaquin train and YARTS bus makes travelers’ visits to the National Park both relaxing and unforgettable. With no time spent behind the wheel, you can create lasting memories and enjoy the road.”

AMTRAK to Mariposa Grove
YARTS to Yosemite

Visit Yosemite Madera County

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