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There’s Nothing Better Than True Friends

No matter what you’re up to in life, one thing everyone needs is friends. They make the successes even more inspiring, and the struggles so much easier to bear.

I want to personally thank each and every one of the many new True Friends who made a difference and became members during our SNO FriendRaiser. There are truly no words to express my gratitude and appreciation for those who found value in what we do at Sierra News Online, and took the time to become part of our support system. Some joined through PayPal, others wrote very nice notes and mailed in donations. Such an amazing community!

I also want to acknowledge those who have been Friends for months and even years, many of whom weren’t even asked, they just wanted to contribute to something they really like and want to see continue.

Though we didn’t quite reach all the way to our goal during our 200 hour push, we continue to have new members signing up every day since the end of the FriendRaiser, and anticipate hitting that magic number any minute now!

We get by with a little help from all our Friends, and I am truly grateful every single day for those of you who recognize that gathering and producing news is an expensive proposition, and help us to make it better every day with your support and participation.

For anyone who is still thinking it over, it’s never too late to become one of our “indispensables,” as I like to call those who make it all work. You can sign up any time by clicking here, or going to the landing page and clicking “Join the SNO Club.”


Gina Clugston

Editor/Publisher, Sierra News Online

Other ways you can participate:

  • Upload your organization’s events to the Community Calendar
  • Send us articles about your organization’s activities
  • Submit news items
  • Send photos
  • Write stories
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