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The Versatile Air Plant

As we approach the Holliday season, I would like to introduce one of the plant species I find to be a very successful and unique gift item.

Air plants, as the name implies, live off of the air and have no roots. They are actually bromeliads that adapted to live without taking root. The only care they require, is to be misted or ran under the faucet once or twice per week, more in times of very low humidity. Like Bromileads, air plants produce spectacular blooms at random times and produce offspring that grow from the base of a mature plant.

They require indirect light and decent air flow to flourish. The brighter the indirect light, the more colorful air plants can become and the more likely they are to flower.

photo 3What makes air plants such a great gift idea, is the versatility with which you can display them and the ease of care. You can display them in almost anything. Sea shells, drift wood, rocks, tea cups, wire, glass terrarium vases or globes and so on…..

Air plants love to be in humid places, so a bathroom or in the kitchen over the sink is a nice place for them to sit or hang.

photo 1Things to avoid with air plants is rooms with little light or air flow and they should never sit in water or on moist dirt. It is important when you water them to make sure they dry out afterwards.

If you have them on moss, wood or in a shell you want to be sure that there isn’t excess moisture on what they are in because they can rot if left in standing water.

photo 5 1I’ve included some unique air plant ideas to get you into the gift-giving Holliday spirit.

For more info on air plants, come see me at my shop.

Amy Duke is the owner of Solstice Gallery located at 40282 Highway 41, Suite 3, in Oakhurst. Visit on Facebook or stop in at the Gallery for more advice and ideas.

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