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The Sierra Mono Museum

The North Fork Mono Families incorporated in 1966 to form the Sierra Mono Museum for the purpose of preserving Tribal history. The museum offers both static and living history experiences. The doors have been open to the public since 1971.

Permanent collections include a wide variety of Native American baskets and cultural artifacts. Also on display is the Tettleton Wildlife Diorama Collection consisting of more than 100 freestanding taxidermy animals of North America and Asia. Other collections include historical photographs, cultural items, beadwork and weapons.

The gift shop is stocked with locally made authentic Indian crafts, books and gifts. Every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Elders gather to weave, bead and dine on potluck lunch. During the fall they can be found cracking acorns for holiday events or cleaning Sourberry and Redbud sticks for weaving supplies.

Guided tours offer a walk through the collections, stories, songs, and nature walk with signage explaining usage of indigenous plants. Classes in language and Basketry are held throughout the year.

Visiting the museum offers a glimpse at Mono Indian lifestyles of yesterday and today.

The museum is located in North fork at the intersection of Roads 228 and 225. For information, call 877-2215.

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