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The North Fork History Group Presents History Mystery #77

The North Fork History Group heard a story about a young local girl in the 1950’s that regularly swam at a public swimming pool (possibly in the Bass Lake Annex). One day her mother gave her a nickel to buy goodies. The girl decided to put it in her mouth to keep it safe until she got to the pool. However, that turned out to be a bad idea when she accidentally swallowed the nickel before arriving at the pool.

There were no goodies for her that day!

We have no real facts about the pool, but believe there used to be a clubhouse pool at the Annex. Can anyone add some facts to this story, or the swimming pool, and/or have photos of a pool in the Annex? Please share any stories you remember about that or other public swimming pools way back then. We know that memories are stronger when the circumstances have a higher emotional level and these are the stories we recall most often as adults. These are also among the most interesting stories.

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  1. Wasn’t here until 1980 and remember a public pool on 426. I think there are commercial buildings there now.

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