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Picture of an old school bus.
Anybody recognize this guy? Let us know!

The History Mystery #87: Who is This Mystery Person?

By Christina McDonald, Sierra Mono Museum

The Sierra Mono Museum is asking for a little help in identifying the individual riding this North Fork School bus, and the approximate decade. As the museum begins to move back, we would like more information on our photograph collections.  If anyone can identify this individual on the bus, maybe it’s the bus driver or a student, we don’t know.










Follow-up to History Mystery #86, from Dan Clarrion

On behalf of E Clampus Vitus, I would like to thank everyone for their great support and participation in this month’s The History Mystery. We are delighted at the response to this question, and have received some great information about the Mammoth Orange. It is gratifying to know that we aren’t the only people who love this icon of Highway 99 history. So many people added their recollections of their experiences at the Mammoth Orange, proving that it is deserving of both preservation and recognition.

Thank you everyone for your comments. In some form, we will incorporate the information from your comments into the plaque on the monument. Keep Oct. 10, 2020, in mind, as that is the day the Mammoth Orange is scheduled to reopen at the Fossil Discovery Center, barring any COVID-19 delays.


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  1. Comments made on SNO Facebook page:

    Judy DeMasters Sure wish my grandmother was alive she was a teacher up here in the 30s

    Leonard A Brown Adult, not a student. Look at his hands- Probably the bus driver.

    Gena Hopkins He looks like he’s in his 20’s, not grade school student.

    Brad Miller Late 1920’s bus.
    28, 29, possibly 1930.

    Vannessa Guiliacci – posted photo that will not copy here. To see photos go to Facebook, SNO page.

    Top Fan
    Vannessa Guiliacci
    Image may contain: car and outdoor

    Scott Runtzel Probably Tom Wheeler in the 1920’s.

    Lemoore Rangel Maybe someone could ask Rodney York as his mom was a teacher here in North Fork and he grew up knowing the staff.

    Rhonda Barron Jeri Barron do you have any suggestions?

    Jeri Barron Rhonda Barron Before my time We moved here in 1958 . That looks like something from around 1920 .

    Alice Bethel ask rose davis cobb my grandma knew who that was but i forgot who she said it is

    Christina McDonald Hi everyone, looks like the mystery will continue, it anyone has more information tag myself or Rose Davis Cobb

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