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Picture of two women from the Mono tribe
Do you recognize this picture or these two women? Let us know!

The History Mystery #82 – Do You Recognize These Women?

From the set of "Deer Slayer"NORTH FORK — This photo is courtesy of Rose Davis-Cobb, board member of the Sierra Mono Museum & Cultural Center, and features two Mono women who are extras in the movie “Deer Slayer.”

Can anyone provide information on where the filming took place in the area of North Fork, Madera County?

What were the names of other local extras?

What are the names of the two women?

Does anyone have information on where the cast stayed or other stories connected to the movie?

Follow-up to History Mystery #81

Thank you to all who responded to our request to identify this mill, especially Howard Creed who included this photo to confirm that this is a mill at Shaver Lake. We would still like to know the name and any other information about it, if anyone can help us with that.

Picture of an old mill in winter time

From History Mystery #81





  1. 1957 Manzanita Lake and Bass Lake; Rec. Point.

    • From Facebook post by Margie Willis:
      It was filmed on the campground side of Bass Lake. Maybe a little at Manzanita Lake.
      This is what John Willis, who grew up there at the time, remembers.

  2. Comments copied from Facebook

    Margie Willis It was filmed on the campground side of Bass Lake. Maybe a little at Manzanita Lake.

    Margie Willis This is what John Willis, who grew up there at the time, remembers.

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    Dan Kirby Found one article from Madera Tribune, Volume 65, Number 298, 2 May 1957:https://cdnc.ucr.edu/?a=d&d=MT19570502.2.12

    Madera Tribune 2 May 1957 — California Digital Newspaper Collection
    Madera Tribune 2 May 1957 — California Digital Newspaper Collection

    Don Grove Thanks Dan from Conn. I would like to know how you found this History Mystery article. The newspaper article you found has answers to a couple of the questions. The article is copied below:

    Don Grove Bass Lake Is ‘Deerslayer’ Movie Location
    Text…See More

    Dan Kirby I just happened to have used the CDNC before…pretty good source of California newspapers with searchable text. https://cdnc.ucr.edu/

    California Digital Newspaper Collection
    California Digital Newspaper Collection

    Judy DeMasters I was at alot of the filming, Rita Moreno and Forrest Tucker were so nice and friendly

    Jim Chepo Bass lake

    Judy DeMasters If that’s the Deer Slayer.I was there and watched a lot of it. And my brother Bob and Max Killian, we have a picture of them with Rita Moreno, arms around both of them

    Anita Diane Newell Judy DeMasters I remember going to bass lake and watching some of that.

    Rose Davis Cobb I was mistaken. This picture was from the movie HIAWATHA. They used local Mono’s for both movies.
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    Ysleta Kay Uzzell-Smith Mom took a lot of pictures of the stars and locals. When they were filming at Manzanita the crew provided a ladder so she could get better pictures. She took pictures of me and Carla with Carlos Rivas and me sitting on Forrest Tucker’s lap. She took pictures of Melvin Carmen also. She took pictures of Rita Moreno and I think the other female star was Kathy Connor? at Bass Lake .Don’t know for sure. It was fun watching them film and everyone was so nice. I was 8 or 9… I didn’t know about Hiawatha.

    Cody Parker Wil Wilfong

    MichelleLynn Shiell I know the beautiful face in this picture like no other.

    Don Grove Do you know the names of the women in the photograph? If so, please post them for us. If there is a privacy issue, would you check with the women to see if they will allow such a post.

    MichelleLynn Shiell Don Grove the lady on the left is Ida Carmen. She was born in 1896. She passed away when I was 24 in 1990. I was raised by her and my mother Rose Davis Cobb. Ida Carmen was my Great Grandmother.

    Rose Davis Cobb Don Grove I am cheating since I submitted the picture, but… the lady on the right is Mary Brown Chepo, the sister of Ida Brown Carmen.

    MichelleLynn Shiell Rose Davis Cobb Mom i didnt recognize aunt mary when she was young. Grandmas smile I’ll always recognize ❤

    Pamela Pruitt Weathers Sawmill info: https://sierrahistorical.org/c-b-shaver/

    C.B. Shaver | Central Sierra Historical Society
    C.B. Shaver | Central Sierra Historical Society

    Don Grove For those who have photos of this event – The North Fork History Group would like to scan them for our files and possible use in a future display. Contact me at 559-877-2141

    Judy DeMasters I do have pictures, will dig them out.

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