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Mystery object: What is it?
Do you know what this was used for? Let us know!

The History Mystery #79

This month we have two questions for our History Mystery viewers. The first picture is an item found in their yard by one of the young visitors to the Raymond Museum. It is about 4 1/2 inches long. We had blacksmiths, railroad workers, stone carvers, etc. in Raymond so we have had many guesses but not sure exactly what this would have been used for.

Daulton Station

Daulton Station

This photo is along the Southern Pacific Railroad line below the town of Raymond at the Daulton Station. The train continued to run to this spot well after the Raymond Station was discontinued.

When was the last train into Daulton and was it still used for passengers or just cattle and grain?

When were these silos taken down and the tracks pulled up?

Thank you to all the folks who have offered such wonderful answers to our past questions! We enjoy hearing from you.

Follow-up to History Mystery #78

Thanks to all who responded to this History Mystery.  We have discovered that Lake Moic is on private property and it is not a natural lake. Please do not trespass to get to this private lake.

Postings from SNO Facebook page:

Dave Boettcher posted this on Facebook: “The Journal of California and the Great Basin (Vol 21, No. 1, pp 6-16, 1999) states Lake Moic was named in honor of a Mono women named Moiac. Fn 6 states in 1871 Moiac married George Sharpton, a French immigrant and carpenter, and their daughter Mary (married?) cattleman George Teaford. Lake Moic, on the Teaford Ranch in Madera County, was named in the mother’s honor. ( Dick-Bissonnette 1993)”

Robert Ellis Dave Boettcher, yep.

Jarett Lopez Does anyone know if its private or not?

Matt Niblett I fished it all the time as a kid. There’s Three properties that are on the lake, supposedly the property is split up in middle of the lake. Well that’s what one of the property owners told me as he was kicking my friends and I off the lake.

George Callahan Basslake anex is on Rd 221 / not 233 . Rd 233 would be past basslake heights which is like 4 miles to teford Meadows.


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