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The History Mystery #65

This month we are featuring not so much a Mystery as a celebration of the past from Christina McDonald.

“As the Sierra Mono Museum embarks on a new phase in cultural preservation, let us remember the original ground breaking that took place in the 1970’s. Community members please identify the people in the groundbreaking photo. Let us see who you can remember and we can provide what we know to confirm your comments.

“Good luck and look for updates from the Sierra Mono Museum as we renovate the museum in the coming year. Visit our temporary office next to the North Fork Pizza Factory, find us on Facebook, and please attend our upcoming Powwow that will be held on Aug. 4 and 5 at Minarets High School in O’Neals.

Christina McDonald
Sierra Mono Museum Board of Directors

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  1. #65 update
    Left to right
    Clifford Bethel sr., Elizabeth Polkenhorn, Sylvena Mayer, Mary Chepo, Ida Carmen, Dewey Lavell, Grant Sturm. Not sure on guy on tractor.


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