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The History Mystery #52

Does anyone know where this interesting rock formation is located? Does it have a name?

The North Fork History Group would like to develop a catalogue of interesting natural formations in the area. If you have any information about this one, or any others, please make comments here, or send to

Don Grove

North Fork History Mystery Coordinator


After several comments were reviewed, ECV was only able to collaborate accounts that the Stage Road ran in the vicinity of Road 400 and Road 415, with one account placing a road west of that location, which seems strange if you wanted to take the shortest route to Coarsegold. That road could be the topic of another Mystery.

There was no new information as to the route from the Stage Stop site on Long Hollow Court to Roads 400/415, nor how the route ran to Coarsegold.

There was no information that could verify the location of the Peach Orchard. We will continue to investigate, including local Historical Society archives.

This one is really allusive and we thank those who responded. We will update the History Mystery when we learn more.

Steve Varner

Historian E Clampus Vitus

The History Mystery #51

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