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The History Mystery #5

If you know anything that will help the Sierra Mono Museum learn more about this photograph from our local history, please write a comment to us at the bottom of this page and tell us your name, where you are located, and what you know about the photograph. Or, write us a short email message at monomuseum@gmail.com Good leads to solve the Mystery are: the location of the scene, the names of people in the photo, or someone you know who is familiar with the location. With your help we can solve…

…the History Mystery for May 2013!

This photo was given to us from Margaret Morrow-Young she said it was a part of her mother’s photo collection. Her mother’s name was Vie Sargent in which she worked at the North Fork Indian Mission as a missionary in the 1920’s. She then married and became Vie Morrow. This cabin may have been located by the North Fork Mission.

Does anyone know where it is located? Does anyone know who may have lived here?

This History Mystery provided by the Sierra Mono Museum
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In our next episode of The History Mystery, we’ll tell you what we learned about this photograph.

The April 2013 History Mystery #4, was the photo posted below. We appreciate the one response we received to help us with History Mystery #4. This is what we now know:Indian Bridge-1921-1800pxl

The picture was from 1921 when the residents of Wawona needed a pedestrian bridge to allow the School children on the North side of the South Fork of the Merced River to go to school on the south side. The “Indian Bridge” was built near rocks that were used by the Indians to grind acorns. The bridge was rebuilt several time, but washed out for the last time in the 1937 flood.

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  1. I think I saw a picture of it listed for sale as a fixer-upper in 2005 for $385,000.

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