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The History Mystery #47

Submitted by Roger Mitchell —

Question #1: Can anyone out there in Cyberland verify that the mill structure shown in the photo is the same mill as was built by the processing of Shaw Mining and Reduction Company in the summer and fall of 1888 for the processing of silver and lead ores from the Star Mine?

History Mystery #47 Star Mine mill circa 1888

History Mystery #47 Star Mine mill circa 1888

Question #2: Does anyone know if the tram cable can be traced down the southwest facing slope of Raymond Mountain to the mill site situated on, or near, Rainer Creek in Fresno County?

A survey crew from the library has located the mine, and remnants of the tramway on the northern side of the mountain, but the location of the mill remains a mystery.

History Mystery 47 Star tram summit crossover structure - photo courtesy Fresno Flats

History Mystery 47 Star tram summit crossover structure – photo courtesy Fresno Flats

Please let us hear from you, if you know where the mill was.

Respond to: Roger Mitchell (559) 676-5228 or Fresno Flats Museum & Historical Park, P.O. Box 455, Oakhurst, CA 93644.

Roger Mitchell, Historian & Librarian
The Harry Baker Research Library
Fresno Flats Historical Park & Museum

1. The Star Mine was located on the North facing slopes of 8,418 ft. Mt. Raymond. The mine was situated between Star Lake and the summit of Raymond Mountain.

2 All of the land involved in this inquiry was included in the transfer from Fresno County to the newly formed Madera County in 1893.

Follow up on the History Mystery #46

There was a suggestion on the SNO Facebook page as to who the woman in front of the building might be. We would like to thank Nadine Gray for submitted this suggestion: Susan Beltrand Brochini. We are checking with some of our elders to see if this name brings a memory to them.


Cindy Greenwood – Director
Sierra Mono Museum
33103 Road 228
North Fork, CA 93643
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