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The History Mystery #46

history-mystery-46NORTH FORK — The Sierra Mono Museum would like to know who these ladies are, and where the picture was taken and when. We have it displayed in the museum but we don’t have the important information on these ladies.

Sierra Mono Museum
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Follow-up on the History Mystery #45 —

Response from E.J Armstrong:

Are you sure it is the Willow Creek School? I am third generation Coarsegoldian. Grandpa, Hans G. Hansen, homesteaded on the Raymond Road/Spenelli Road, 1910.

Willow Creek School, unknown, but there was a grammar school on the corner of the Raymond Road and River Road. This was Polk School. Mom, her sister and two brothers walked to school from the ranch about a mile from Raymond Road and then down Raymond Road to River Road.

There were some pictures of the school, but I have passed them on to my family, who live in Texas. Polk School was the only school that I can remember anyone talking about between Coarsegold and Raymond.

I will contact my grand daughter to see if she can email pictures to me, if you do not have other pictures in your files.

Thank you for all you do. EJA

Response from E. Clampus Vitus:

Polk School was on the corner of 400 and 415 – Polk Ranch Road is quite close to that also.

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