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The History Mystery #40

The History Mystery for May is presented by the Sierra Mono Museum in North Fork. We would like to know who the people are in this photograph, where they are, why they are all gathered, and any other interesting facts anyone may know. (click photo to enlarge)

Hsitory Mystery #40 Mono Museum 5-16

This picture is currently on display at the museum and we would like to add information to it.

Prepared by Cindy Greenwood

Follow-up to History Mystery #39

We are still searching for information about History Mystery #39, reposted below. If you have any info to share please send it to NorthForkHistoryGroup@gmail.com or DonGrove1@yahoo.com

History Mystery #39 photo
Last year the Grub Gulch Clampers (E Clampus Vitus) had been doing some research on the Sugar Pine Flume route, we are still trying to locate all the Flume House sites along the course of the flume.

Along the Fresno River just above Hensley Lake we came across this group of rocks stacked between two large boulders, after exploring the other side we found several holes carved out in the rocks which we believe to be anchors for floor joists.

We know that according to a David Rumsey Historical map dated 1891 there was once a Rauls or Ralls Mill located in this area.

Our question from the audience is: Does anyone know what this foundation was used for? Was it Rauls/Ralls Mill? If so, what was the purpose of the mill?

Rob Stapleton/ Historian Grub Gulch Chapter ECV 41-49


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  1. MaryfromtheLibrary

    With regards to History Mystery #40, we received this photo from Dorothy Sherman which was included in the Madera County Native American Collection in the California Room at the Madera County Library.

    Th following information was provided with the photo, written presumably by Mae Polkenhorn-Sherman.

    Bible School held at Old North Fork School, directed by the Presbyterian Indian Mission, date is approximately 1938. I do not remember any of the grown-ups in back.

    Next to back row: ?, Ray Putler, Martha Hosick, Buddy Wilhite, Gertie Capp, Lee Sherman, Connie Rogazenski, Barbara Goodwin, Laverse Wells, Gloria Hoskins, Marjorie Wells, the tree, ?, ?, Bill Putler.

    2nd Row: Marjorie Jefferson, Zelda Burns, ?, Jackie Hosick, ?, Marie Capp, Duain Wilhite, Leota Shmidt, Barbara Wells, Una Burns, ?, Betty McGee, ?

    In the middle: Little girl with her hands on her head is Rosalie Goodwin, David Goodwin, Winkie Goodwin, ?, ?.

    Sitting on the ground: Eldren Sherman, Tommy Jefferson, ?, Victor Muhly, ?, ?, Ellis Wells, Mack Hosick and Red Carmen.

    Copied by Barbara Goodwin Boatwright. The original was given to me (Mae Polkenhorn Sherman?) by Mary Diel Thomason.

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