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The History Mystery #39

Last year the Grub Gulch Clampers (E Clampus Vitus) had been doing some research on the Sugar Pine Flume route, we are still trying to locate all the Flume House sites along the course of the flume.

Along the Fresno River just above Hensley Lake we came across this group of rocks stacked between two large boulders, after exploring the other side we found several holes carved out in the rocks which we believe to be anchors for floor joists.

We know that according to a David Rumsey Historical map dated 1891 there was once a Rauls or Ralls Mill located in this area.

Our question from the audience is: Does anyone know what this foundation was used for? Was it Rauls/Ralls Mill? If so, what was the purpose of the mill?

Rob Stapleton/ Historian Grub Gulch Chapter ECV 41-49


Follow up on History Mystery #38

Thank you to everyone who responded on Facebook about our Monitor nozzle use question. The History Mystery #38 generated a lot of fun discussions about where the nozzles might have been used, how they were used and why they were discontinued.

There is some evidence that much smaller versions were used up in the Bailey Flat area on the Chowchilla river for gold and tungsten exploration. Thank you to Kraig for his thoughts! We are excited to continue the conversations about this type of mining when we have the display open on Saturday, Apr. 16, on Raymond Parade day.

Thank you to all the E Clampus Vitus members who have been so supportive and created our wonderful monument! Hope everyone can come out on parade day, we will be open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and discuss mining in our area and offer ideas for future HISTORY MYSTERIES!!

Thank you,

Lynn Northrop, Raymond Museum


The History Mystery #38

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