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The History Mystery #3 – March 2013

The Baseball Game

The photograph below of the baseball field was taken in Raymond in 1926, and is a game between the Dos Palos and Raymond Granite Union High Schools. The photo was found in Dorothy Philp’s album with a picture of the team. But, where in Raymond was this baseball field in 1926?What do you know about the white building in the middle that appears to have “Raymond” painted on the roof? Is the hill in the background above the Raymond/Knowles quarry? Could the barn/shed be the old dairy in town? Is one of the homes the Guillemin house? Which one?

If you know something that will help the Raymond Museum learn more about this photograph and our local history, please write a comment at the bottom of this page and tell us your name, where you’re from, and what you know about this image. Or, write us directly at RaymondMuseum@hotmail.com. The Raymond Museum is located in the middle of town in the 1886 home of stagecoach agent Charles Miller. It is filled with artifacts from Raymond, Knowles and Yosemite. Come by, or send us good leads to help us solve…

…the History Mystery for March 2013!

We’ve received no clues for the February’s History Mystery (#2). To help us solve this one, go to Mystery #2 and post your thoughts and clues at the bottom of the page for the picture of the structure thought to be somewhere in the North Fork / O’Neals area.

The January History Mystery (#1) was the photo posted below. The North Fork History Group is zeroing in on the skyline and may have an answer for you soon!

History Mystery 1

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  1. Kraig Guillemin

    The baseball diamond is on the corner of South Street and Road 600. Yes that is the Guillemin house (with the steeple roof) and the hill in the background is Buford Mountain, which the quarry is located on.

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