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The History Mystery #25

This photo is from the historic photographic files of the Forest Service and the caption on the photo reads “Looking down San Joaquin River from Minaret Summit.” So we know the location is near Reds Meadow on the east side of the Sierra. Our questions are what are the five cross-like structures near the center of the picture and can anyone identify the make, model, or year of the automobile.

Submitted by Connie Popelish, The North Fork History Group. The NFHG holds monthly meetings to discuss our current projects and local history at the North Fork Library at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Anyone interested is welcome, call Ginny Smith for information at 559-877-4807.


Results from last month’s History Mystery.

We would like to thank Mary Sholler and Thane Baty for their help in identifying the people in the picture. On the S/N/O Facebook page, Thane Baty suggested we ask an Elder from North Fork who may be able to identify some of the people in the picture. He also stated that the tall man with the tie might be his great Uncle Bill Sherman.

History Mystery 24

Mary Sholler from the Madera County Library is helping us to identify some more people. With her help we were able to identify Harriet Lewis as the girl located on the top row 7th from the left with her chin resting on the girl next to her. This picture was taken during the Indian Youth Conference at the Mission Indian School in North Fork about 1936 – 1938. Submitted by Karen Morris Coarsegold Historic.



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  1. Looks like a Ford Model A 1927-31.

    The crosses at Vista Point (Minaret Summit) are likely Forest Service landmark signs for pointing out Mt Ritter, Banner, etc.

  2. This vehicle appears to be mid to late 20s.

    Is similar to Pontiac or Oldsmobile of that period.

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