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The History Mystery #22

The Mono Museum presented this photo for the History Mystery this month. They have no information about this building. The only thing they know is this photo is in a file in their archives.

They would like the community to offer any information about this building. If you know where it was located, who owned it, what it was used for, if it is still standing, or anything else about it, please make comments on the bottom of this page.

Follow up on History Mystery #21

Thank you to those who responded about the photo of the event at North Fork School. We had several people say they thought the students were doing sit-ups. After carefully analyzing the photo, we determined that was not the case. We will check with the teachers mentioned to see what they can tell us.

One person said they were dropping water from waist high into a vial that is held on the forehead of the other student. This seems to be what they were doing, but we still don’t know why. If you can solve this riddle for us, make a comment below or email NorthForkHistoryGroup@gmail.com.

Thanks for your participation.

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  1. I believe this is the first dormitory at the old North Fork Indian Mission, ca. 1910-1915. I found similiar pictures in our Madera County Native American Digital History Collection. There is a description in our Correspondence file as well that describes the old Girls Dormitory as being quite large.

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