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The History Mystery #2 – February 2013

Like the January History Mystery, the photograph below came from the John Hughes collection. In 1920, John Hughes was the trail crew supervisor for the Sierra National Forest.

It may be that this photograph is somewhere on today’s Road 200, but the structure, location and ownership has not been determined. Is it a hotel or a residence? Where is it located? Does it still exist?

Look at the picture below and help solve the History Mystery that stumped the experts! (Click photo to enlarge)

If you know something about this photograph that will help the North Fork History Group (NFHG) learn more about our local history, please leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and tell us what you know. Or, write us a short email message at northforkhistorygroup@gmail.com. Good leads to solve the Mystery are the location of the scene, the names of the owners of the structure, a living relative of the owner, or someone you know who is more familiar with the location. With your help we can solve…

…the History Mystery for February 2013!

In our next episode of The History Mystery, we’ll tell you what we learned about this photograph.

The January 2013 History Mystery #1, was the photo posted below. Here’s what we learned.
Four people sent us comments about the location of this scene and some information about the mystery photograph. Two members of the NFHG followed the leads that were given, but they were still unable to line up the horizon and confirm the correct location of the site. So we continue the hunt and ask for anyone who has information to contact the NFHG about the January History Mystery #1!


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