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The History Mystery #11

This History Mystery was provided by the Mono Museum in North Fork, CA. They know little about the photograph except that it has a couple of names written on it. They appear to be “C.R. Coleman, Clayton Teaford, and Jim Lewis.” If you know anything about the people or place in the photo please make a comment at the bottom of this page. Look at the picture below and help solve the History Mystery that stumped the experts!

If you know something that will help the Mono Museum learn more about this photograph and our local history, please write a comment at the bottom of this page and give us your name, where you are located, and what you know about this photograph

We believe there are many people out there who remember where this photograph was taken, any information will help provide good leads to help us solve…

…the History Mystery for November 2013!

October’s History Mystery

Thanks to all that responded to History Mystery #10. We had a number of correct answers from the community. “A sleuth learned good information about the picture of the Forest Service Rangers in History Mystery #10 and the changes that occur over time. The rangers in the picture are leaning against the boulder in downtown North Fork that today is in front of the Buckhorn Restaurant and Lounge! We compared the picture to one taken in October 2013 to determine it is the same boulder. Jim Geddes, with the big round hat in the middle of the photo is just below and to the right of the same cleft in the rock that can still be seen there today. However, the rangers are standing at what used to be ground level. An old-timer of North Fork, John Hawksworth, now passed on, said that the rock in front of the Buckhorn was blasted at its base in order to accommodate the “new” road, the level of which is today’s Road 222.

RANGERS SNF 1920s v2

If you know something else about this picture, please let the North Fork History Group know about it by sending a message with your information to:”

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  1. Mary Sholler, Collections Specialist, California History and Family Research Room

    History Mystery #11 is a photo that was included in Hank Johnston’s “Thunder In The Mountains: The Life and Times of the Sugar Pine Railroad Company”. A majority of the individuals are identified as follows: (from left to right)#1 (closest to tree) not identified, #2 (closest to #1 with a crooked hat) is Barlow Linn, #3 (behind Barlow) Not Identified, #4 (legs crossed) is Dick Wright, #5 (in back next to engine) is Bob Coleman, #6 (next to Bob) is Clayton Teaford, the next two, #7 & #8 (in front of Clayton and Bob) are Not Identified, #9 (white shirt in front of log) is Dick Reynolds, then on top of log moving back to front: #10 Vern Stafford, #11 Fred Sargent, #12 Lindsay Wright, #13 (in front of log, arms crossed) Thurman Murphy, then to the right of the picture, guy in back on Horse with black hat is Pat Wright.

    Here is the Source Citation:

    Johnston, Hank, and Don DeVere. “Appendix C, Recollections of MSP Logging.” Thunder in the Mountains; the Life and times of Madera Sugar Pine. Los Angeles: Trans-Anglo, 1995. 112. Print. 30 Year Special Edition.Dick Wright’s Crew at a chute frog when Wright served as the youngest hook tender in the state.

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