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Dean Uhrig snags a big fish during Bass Lake Fishing Derby - photo courtesy of Michelle Miller

The High-Dollar Fish Are Still Out There In Bass Lake

BASS LAKE – If you missed out on the Bass Lake Fishing Derby last weekend, you still have a chance to snag a fish worth $500.

Some 1,140 people participated in the derby, says Michelle Miller of Miller’s Landing Resort, many bringing their whole family for a wonderful day at the lake.

Of the 150 trout worth $100 each, 11 were snagged by those trying their luck, and 99 of the 847 $20 trout were caught. The total pay-out for the weekend was $3,080.

However, the two grand prize fish worth $10,000 each, and one worth $5,000 alluded capture over the two-day event.

So good news for anyone wanting to drop a line at Bass Lake – those three fish will be worth $500 each through June 30. The pay-off on the $20 and $100 fish has expired.

Make sure you have your fishing license and if you should find one of those high-dollar tagged fish on the end of your line, cash it in at Millers Landing!

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