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The Charles Schultz Museum

We stopped in for a visit at a wonderful museum in Santa Rosa, home of Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts. It’s worth at least a couple hours and will make you feel good about him and his life and attitudes

An early Peanuts, from the late 50s, I think:

This collage is made up of 35,000 comic panels, all of which deal with the football that Charlie never succeeds in kicking each fall because his sister snatches it away every time. I cropped the top half off, it’s a very tall wall:

Charles Shultz Museum 2

Panels throughout the building tell the stories and how the characters came to be – in this case it’s Snoopy’s brother Spike, from Needles, where Schultz once lived. All the characters are named after real people (and dog, in the case of Snoopy), about 35 of them total.

Charles Shultz Museum 3

Charles Shultz Museum 4

There are a few holograms in the courtyard. The man who made them happened to be in the cafe when we were there.

Charles Shultz Museum 5


Charles Shultz Museum 6

The doctor:

Charles Shultz Museum 7

Across the street is the Charlie Brown Ice Skating Arena and the Warm Puppy Cafe, which Schultz had built in the seventies.

Charles Shultz Museum 8

This statue has a webcam in it. You can call your friends and have them see you online.

Charles Shultz Museum 9

The Warm Puppy Cafe is alongside the skating arena. Charles Schultz, originally from Minnesota, played ice hockey every Tuesday evening. Snoopy also played it.

Charles Shultz Museum 10


v 11

1967 Life magazine, 35 cents:

Charles Shultz Museum 12

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