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Please be advised that starting tonight Madera Community Hospital's Emergency Department will be temporarily closed.

Temporary Closure of Madera Community Hospital’s Emergency Department

MADERAMadera Community Hospital has been granted a flex waiver from the California Department of Public Health to close Emergency Services for ten hours, beginning midnight, June 9, until 10 a.m., June 10.

The closure will accommodate the removal and replacement of the air handler serving the Emergency Department (ED). The first eight to twelve hours of the department closure will be focused on the care of existing ED Patients.

The new air handler unit installation will be accomplished while maintaining an active electronic control panel: “Hot Change Out.” The change out is expected to take two hours followed by twelve hours of electrical, plumbing and control balancing.

Madera Community Hospital received the request for the program flexibility of Title 22 CCR T22 DIV5 CH1 ART6-7041, T22 DIUV5 CH1 ART6-70413(a), T22 DIV5 CH1 ART6-70415(a), T22 DIV5 CH1 ART6-70419(a) with the following conditions:

1.  Notify hospitals and EMS in surrounding counties prior to closure.
2.  All signage indicating the availability of emergency services, physician on duty need to be covered during the closure.
3.  The emergency department is to maintain a complete complement of both staff and physicians physically at the hospital during the closure, to treat anyone that comes to the hospital per the contingency plan.

RapidCare walk-in clinic, located on the Madera Community Hospital Campus, adjacent to the Emergency Department is open 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on June 9, 2021, to care for patients with non-emergency health concerns.

More information about the temporary closure contingency care plan along with maps to alternative emergency departments can be found at www.MaderaHospital.org.

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