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Take Your Vote Seriously

If you are tired of elected officials who do nothing to give you anything for your tax dollar, then take your vote seriously. If you vote for a candidate because he has more campaign signs than the opponent, Is a real “nice” guy or goes to your church, then you are part of the problem.

A smart voter assesses campaign statements and sees the bigger picture. A perfect example are the endorsements of various law enforcement associations in support of Mr. David Linn for District Attorney. At first glance it appears admirable. But the smart voter looks closer and sees that they are all “associations.”

Just what are associations? They are the body (union) that represent various workers. They are not the “rank and file” members.

Who do they endorse? Usually the politician who will benefit the association (union) the most. If a County employee is disciplined for anything, they can appeal their discipline to the civil service commission where they are usually represented by someone from the association. Wait a minute……isn’t Mr. Linn a sitting member of the Civil Service Commission? ……..Be a smart voter.

Bing Hojlo
Coarsegold, California

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