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Take Advantage Of PG&E Programs To Manage Energy Costs

Flexible Payment Arrangements Available for Customers Struggling to Pay Energy Bills due to Recent Heat Wave, Higher-than-Normal Energy Use

OAKLAND, CA— This summer ended up being one of the hottest in the state’s history with last month being the warmest month on record for several Central Valley cities. Historic high temperatures in many areas drove record energy use during the 10-day major heat wave earlier this month.

Preliminary usage data shows that on average, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) customers’ residential usage increased almost 30% the week of September 4th over the same time last year.

Simple Ways To Save Energy

PG&E is here to help customers manage impacts of higher-than-expected energy bills due to the heat wave with flexible payment arrangements. There are two payment plan options to choose from including installments to spread the balance over several months for up to 12 months, or an extension which lets customers pay the entire amount later.

Customers struggling to pay their bill can choose the option that works best for them by logging onto their online account or calling PG&E at 800-743-5000.

“A long stretch of extremely hot temperatures can cause energy bills to be considerably higher. We know no one wants higher-than-expected energy bills and we are here to ensure customers are equipped with the programs and tools they need to manage costs,” said Vincent Davis, Vice President of Customer Operations and Enablement at PG&E.

Take Advantage of PG&E Programs and Tools to Manage Energy Costs

While customers can’t control the weather which has an impact on energy bills, there are factors customers do control:

For more tips on how to save energy and manage costs, visit pge.com/summer.

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